What is Nepal Unites?

Nepal Unites is a youth movement for hope and reconciliation. A chapter of the Global Unites. Nepal Unites movement began in 2018 in Nepal. Nepal Unites is a national youth-led movement that connects youth from different faith, different religions, different ethnicity, and backgrounds to inspire and connect them with peacebuilding and leadership skills to become a sustainable agent of transforming the nation.

Nepal Unites work for a new generation of peacebuilder, work for hope, peace, youth leadership, nonviolence, reconciliation, conflict transformation, and grassroots movement. We focus on self-transformation.

To work with youth and empower them to be agents of sustainable change. To inspire, connect, empower, and equip a new team of national leaders…
To inspire, connect, and equip the youth to transform societies through movements that promote hope, non-violence, and reconciliation.
What is Nepal Unites?
Our Story

Our Story

Nepal is an agricultural country and landlocked country between India in the south and China (Tibet) at the north situated at the lap of the Himalayas. It’s a BIRTHPLACE OF Gautam Buddha and the land of Mt. Everest.

Nepal suffered from a civil war that lasted from 1996 to 2006 that killed around 13,000 people. This 10-year conflict brought tragedy for many families: thousands of people were killed and many went missing.

In the present context of Nepal, inter-religious conflict occurs between Hindus, Christians, and Muslims and has resulted in creating a rift between these religions. Geographical discrimination, sexual violence, and gender-based violence are prevalent. This inspired the establishment of Nepal Unites which seeks to create unity and engage people from diverse backgrounds because we believe that youth can transform the nation.

Who Are We ?

We are committed to building unity.

We are people from many different faiths, ethnicities, genders, languages, and cultures.
We are committed to serving and determined to transform our nation.
All spiritualities provide us the hope, justice, peace, and transformation.
We are committed to working together based on our shared values to build a peaceful, harmonious, and sustainable society.
We are committed to inspire – connect – equip the youth and build a new generation with this movement.
We express equal respect and dignity to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or faith.

Message from Founder & National Director

Nepal Unites (NU) is a chapter of Global Unites which is running in 13 countries as a youth movement and it has been legally registered with the Government of Nepal in the District Administration Office in Kathmandu, Bagmati Province, as a non-profit organization and non-governmental organization (NGO) although we do not introduce the organization as an NGO. I am proud that Nepal Unites is a youth movement because youth are the pillar of our nation with more than 40 percent of the population being youth in the country. We have many examples in which the youth have engaged in rallies, political strikes and so on. We focus on the youth as the next generation of peacebuilders and as our only possibility for transformation. The youth are innovative and have new ideas, concepts, courage, skills and high energy to bring about needed changes.That’s why we say YOUTH CAN!

Our Impacts

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How Do We Work ?

We work on need-based.

We choose transformation rather than welfare, development or reform.
We strive to move from tolerance to acceptance to engagement.
We strive to move from discussion to dialogue.
We use a community organizing approach in our work when we work with oppressed communities.
Our work requires a very clear strategy that can help move from the old reality to a new vision.
We focus on conflict transformation rather than conflict management or resolution.

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