Nepal Unites Organized a Free Face Masks Campaign

Aug 14, 2021, Rajbiraj: The volunteer members of Nepal Unites distributed the facemasks in Rajbiraj, province no. 2 in the eastern part of Nepal. The facemask campaign included a small rally with participants holding placards with the message: “live and let live,” “stay safe and stay healthy,” “use a face mask, maintain physical distance.”

Santosh Yadav led the campaign and called on the public to wear  the facemask and take the act as an obligation. “Some people wear face masks on the chin, some put it in their pocket, and ignore wearing the face mask to wear. A lot of people remove the face mask to talk when they meet with acquaintances,” said Yadav.

For this reason, such behavior does not protect people from the transmission of the virus and jeopardizes lives instead. If people would not be alert at this time, the third wave of COVID-19 would seriously affect us. Nepal Unites put across the message of the importance of wearing facemasks properly and the seriousness of the COVID- 19 during the campaign. A volunteer of Nepal Unites, Mohammad Kamaruddin, said that the fledgling organization had distributed more than a thousand facemasks during this campaign.

Nepal Police Sub-Inspector, Nagendra Chaudhary, said that there is a need for public awareness programs from time to time. Nepal Unites also distributed hand sanitizers to the police and traffic police working in the front line.

Blood donation program organized jointly by Nepal Unites and Nepal Red Cross

4th September 2021, Kathmandu / Nepal Unites team has done the Blood Donation Program on the occasion of the 59th Nepal Red Cross Day organized jointly by Nepal Unites and Nepal Red Cross Society at National Headquarters, Kalimati, Kathmandu.

Nepali film director Yadav Kumar Bhattarai inaugurated the blood donation program by donating blood. Blood is essential for the treatment and surgery of various diseases, accidents, and childbirth. In order to reduce the shortage of blood to some extent, it is now necessary for everyone to donate blood from their own area.

“Blood is not available anywhere due to lack of blood and since it is made in our human body, it is very important for us to donate blood,” Yadav said. Yadav also argued that blood donation is essential to prevent premature loss of life due to lack of blood. Therefore, he says that there will be no effect or weakness in donating blood. According to the organizers, 13 pints of blood were collected in the blood donation program.