Muslim Women attended in the Personal Hygiene and Sanitation workshop

On 22 October 2022,  Nepal Unites organized a one-day workshop on “Personal Hygiene and Sanitation” with the ground-level community people in Rajbiraj-01, Sapatari, Madhesh Province which is in the eastern region of Nepal. A small grant was provided for this community engagement program by the Kowloon Union Church based in Hong Kong. Dumari Health Post In-charge, Mr. Amar Anand Yadav and C.ANM Ms. Rinku Mishra served as the main facilitators in this workshop. The facilitators led sessions on Personal and Menstrual Hygiene, and Food-Borne Infections, Diarrheal Diseases and other communicable diseases.

 A woman participant namely Sabnam Khatun appreciated the workshop’s organizer for holding an open conversation about personal hygiene, saying; “this really gave us a way to make a well-being life.”  Another woman, Apsara Khatun also shared her experience with Muslim women who previously felt uncomfortable discussing menstrual hygiene or any other aspect of personal health.  However, this type of workshop empowered the community’s women to speak out and be aware of everything, she said.

A featured guest in the workshop, Md. Doaman a local leader shared about self-care and encouraged everyone to put what they had learned to use in their daily life so that they may live a healthier life going forward, especially this time that dengue is spreading like a pandemic in Nepal. Given that mothers are their children’s first teachers, the community needs a program of this kind for women.   

There were 40 women and 5 men invited to this workshop from Dumari, Rahamatpur, and Chanaura villages.

Nepal Unites organized a two-day workshop on social media handling

On July 22–23, 2022, Nepal Unites, a chapter of Global Unites, a youth organization active in 13 countries, held a two-day workshop on social media handling. The present context has had a lot of detrimental effects on the use of social media, and many individuals have fallen victim to scammers, fraudsters, and other con artists. The team believed that the message should be delivered timely to reach out to young people to spread awareness with the message on how to use social media appropriately. The Nepal Unites thought that this was a need of the time. With the support of Global Unites, the main facilitator, Mr. Danu Innasithamby, ( a media personality based in Sri Lanka, was recommended.     

The two-day workshop was indeed a success. Everyone is welcome to attend the session and engage in meaningful and active participation. Anubhuti Bhattarai, a representative of Nepal Unites, oversaw participant registration on the first day of the workshop. The national anthem was played to kick off the event. In his introductory remarks, Mohammad Jiyaul Rahaman, the President of Nepal Unites, welcomed each and every participant. Mohammad Ayatulla Rahaman, the National Director, provided information on Nepal Unites and Global Unites, as well as how to get involved in the organization. He also highlighted how many countries the Unites movement is active in. Rajan Bhandari, the Nepal Unites Program Coordinator, introduced the facilitator, the guest visitors, and the participants.

The speakers and facilitators were highly engaging and provided information for the participants. As a representative of the Nepal Police, Central Cyber Bureau, Bhotahity, Kathmandu, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Pradin Tamrakar led discussions on cybercrime, cyber issues, cyber security, cyberbullying, current trends, and cyber legislation in Nepal. Mr. Danu provided instruction on how to utilize social media for local advocacy as well as to promote local customs, culture, and products on the global market. He demonstrates the power of social media in changing systems and mobilizing people even in the absence of funding. He also shared how the GOTAGOGAMA (GGG) campaign, which is the country’s largest brand, utilizes social media. He went into further detail throughout the discussion on the possibilities for peacebuilding and the new spaces that social media can help people connect, coordinate, and mobilize around peace. The presentation by Dr. Gopal Dhakal was important for understanding how social media impacts a person’s mental health. The Nepal Unites team also recognized Dr. Gopal Dhakal, a psychologist, for his invaluable commitment to community peace and well-being through the Mental Health Initiation in Nepal.

The workshop participants’ feedback was greatly acknowledged. After learning about the fraud email lottery and other cyber concerns, participant Jeevan Bhandari gave his thoughts. He also provided statistics on various social media users to raise awareness of this kind of problem. On social media, Nanu Maharjan also expressed how the lockdown’s flashbacks made her feel. According to Maharjan, many users had psychological issues as a result of their increased usage of social media, and there is lengthy material that is unattractive to the users. 

The workshop was attended by 10 females and 14 males who were selected from online applications.  The participants had been selected based on their responses to the questions on the application and also their geographical proximity. Mr. Sagar Panday a “Life Skills Coach” was invited as an observer in a two day workshop. At the end the participants received their successfully participation certificates from the main facilitator and observer.

विश्व शान्ति दिवसको अवसरमा डुडुवामा सरसफाई तथा दिप प्रज्वलन

International Day of Peace celebrated in Duduwa, Banke

21st September 2021, Duduwa(Banke) / International Day of Peace has been celebrated in Duduwa village of Banke which is located in Lumbini Province mid-western part of Nepal. On the occasion of International Day of Peace celebrated by ‘lightening the lamp’(Deep Prajwalan) and Panchmukhi Shiva Temple sanitation program jointly organized by Nepal Unites, Nepal Youth Council Lumbini, Genteel Society Nepal, and United Religions Initiative at Rapti Bridge in Duduwa rural municipality ward no. 4 of Banke District.

The chief guest of the program, ward Chairperson Bhandari Lal Yadav, expressed the need to peace in the world and the need to clean the environment because we all human beings are living on the earth to protect and find peace in nature said Bandari.

Gopal Prasad Sharma, in charge of the Area Police Office, Kamdi, said that peace of mind should be maintained first and all people have a responsibility to make and create an environment of sustainable peace. The program was chaired by Suryalal Yadav, President of Civilized Society Nepal, Banke, and conducted by Som Gurung, province Coordinator of Nepal Unites.

Sustainable Development Goal 16 aims to promote sustainable peace and bring access to justice for all, and to achieve that goal, the International Day of Peace is celebrated around the world on September 21. The program was attended by local people’s representatives, media persons, police, intellectuals, civil society, and social activists. At the end of this program, all people pray together for a better nation, peaceful world in the Shiv Temple and taking a group photo.