School’s Students Concerned Against Child Labour

On June 12, 2023/ Kathmandu: Nepal Unites  organized poetry competition on the occasion of World Day Against Child Labour in the Nepal Yubak Secondary School, Paknajol, Kathmandu.

The students from grade 6 to 10 were invited to participate in the poetry competition. There were 4 students from each grade.

There were 20 competitor students in which 10 were male and 10 were female students.

In the poetry competition the theme was ‘Social Justice for All. End Child Labour!’

The students have mentioned in their poem about child exploitation, child rights, street child, child labor.

Winners in the Poetry Competition:

→Bijay Mani Luitel -1st -Grade 10
→Kusum Humagain-2nd- Grade 8
→Aliza Chaulagain-3rd- Grade 10
→Manoj Thapa- 4th- Grade 10
→Prince Adhikari -4th- Grade 6
→Karishma Kapri-4th- Grade 9

At the end of the program National Director of Nepal Unites Mr. Mohammad Ayatulla Rahaman expressed his thoughts on the students’ poems that were not simple words. There are words included in everyone’s poem which open the sense of every person.
And Rahaman appreciated all the school’s staff, evaluation team and the students for making the program meaningful and fruitful.