Empowering Youth For Climate Justice

Youth Initiative, Pioneer Youth Organization, Nepal Unites, and Youth Opportunities have jointly organized an incredibly insightful International Webinar on the theme of “Empowering Youth For Climate Justice” on the 27th of April 2024.

This webinar served as a platform for over 60 participants to join both physically and virtually, creating a dynamic and engaging environment. We were honored to have prominent youth activists from Nepal, including Anjali Sai Chalise, Prajwol Bikram Rana, Ramesh Gautam, Binisha Amatya, as well as youth activists from Morocco, such as Rania Raghib, Mahfouda Kentaou, and Soukaine Zouine. Additionally, we were privileged to have a speaker from Egypt Aya Zaidne, National Climate Change and Health Facilitator. The session was facilitated by secretary of Youth Initiative namely Susmita Adhikari (Yadav), and Foreign and Administrative head of Youth Pioneer Organization based in Morocco namely Youseff Elmoussaoui.

The participants focused on various aspects, including the geographical context of climate issues, the crucial role of youth in tackling climate challenges, and strategies for moving forward. The discussions also encompassed vital agendas related to climate justice and the urgent need for action. The youth have shown their commitment to addressing climate change and working towards a sustainable future.

Meeting Prashan De Visser

Nepal Unites Executive Committee Board and Advisory Board met with the Founder of Global Unites Prashan De Visser on 25th of April 2024. The National Director of Nepal Unites called to give introduction everyone. Ms. Shobhana Mishra and Mr. Pitambar Aryal were representatives from Advisory Boards of Nepal Unites and Some of them represented from the Nepal Unites Committee. Basically, there was deep discussion on Financially sustainable movement, Strategic Direction, Accountability and Transparency, Youth Engagement, Core Values, and Grassroots Movements.

Dental Screening and Consultation Health Camp

Biratnagar: Nepal Unites organized the Dental Screening and Consultation Health Camp in the SOMS College Biratnagar, Traffic Chowk, Biratnagar, Koshi Province, Nepal on 12th of April 2024 which is located in the eastern part of Nepal.

There were 2 consultant physicians Dr. Shekhar KumarMandal, Dr. Diwakar Kumar Mandal and some health workers providing charitable services to the people. There were 55 people directly benefited from the camp according to Kanchan Kumari Sah, Executive Committee Member of Nepal Unites.

“Dental Screening and Consultation Health Camp was so fruitful for everyone. I am very excited to participate and serve in such programs of Nepal UNITES and also willing to be a part in upcoming days.”
– Dr. Shekhar Kumar Mandal
Bachelor of Dental Surgery

The clients were treated for problems related to teeth, gums, the oral cavity and oral health issues. Local health, community and school staff are involved and oral health education sessions were also provided for the students and community people. Most of the school students lack basic oral health awareness. This is one of the causes for most prevalent dental problems, such as dental caries and rotated teeth, protrusion, Dr. Shekhar said.

The Dental Screening and Consultation Health Camp is a Community Engagement Program which has provided the dental treatment services, free check-up and counseling service. The main aim of the program was to educate the community people and students in regards to dental hygiene and diseases.