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Our Vision

To inspire, connect, and equip the youth to transform societies through movements that promote hope, non-violence, and reconciliation. 

Our Mission

To work with youth and empower them to be agents of sustainable change. To inspire, connect, empower, and equip a new team of national leaders by providing the skills and tools for personal, organizational, and community transformation. To unite the youth of Nepal from all ethnic and religious groups in a movement that provides hope and facilitates reconciliation in Nepal.

Our Goals

  • To create the largest youth-led movement and network
  • To establish a youth reconciliation center
  • To inspire and empower youth to lead SDGs
  • To be the most influential voice for youth on social media
  • To support local movement leading their areas towards sustainable and reconciliation
  • To create sustainable friendships and relationships across ethnic and religious lines through language learning, integration, and social good projects
  • To be a strong resistance against violence, prejudice, injustice, poverty & corruption