Our Objectives

  • To take initiation for the upliftment of marginalized communities like women, Muslims, Madhesi, Dalits, Janajatis, differently ables, and sexual minorities.
  • To contribute to the institutional development of community’s goodwill, virtue, and good governance.
  • To contribute to institutionalize Nepal’s sustainable peace, prosperity, and development.
  • To conduct awareness programmes against social and cultural distortions and anomalies.
  • To preserve and promote local resources, and identify and develop the skills, capabilities, and energy of the youth.
  • To coordinate with national and international organizations to exchange and increase youth capacity, organizational development, and exchange of cultural experiences through youth exchange programmes.
  • To create an environment of hope, non-violence, humanitarian spirit, and reconciliation by making the youths responsible towards the nation.
  • To be the ultimate for voice Marginalized, Conflict and Violence Victims , Poorly Neglected, Backward and Exiled Persons, Communities
  • To work for the rescue, rehabilitation and upliftment of orphans, helpless and disabled people, programs to contribute to harmony, virtue, rights, justice, good governance, and organization development.
  • To protect and promote local resources as well as encourage the skills, abilities, and energy of youths.
  • To conduct programmes to end discrimination and to conduct self-reliance programs.
  • To build sustainable peace, prosperity, and development and to work in the field of protection of human rights.
  • To conduct grassroots movement programmes and various community upliftment projects.