School of Peace 2023


Bhaktapur Guest House, Katunje, Bhaktapur - January 30- February 25, 2023/ Ratna Giri Resort Pvt. Ltd., Nagarkot- 1st March- 20th March 2023


January 23, 2023
School of Peace 2023

School of Peace 2023

January 23-27, 2023 – 3-hour Online Meeting per day through Zoom
January 30, 2023 (arrival in Kathmandu, Nepal) to March 20, 2023 (departure)
April 23-26 – Post-SoP Zoom Meetings for Reporting 


Asia is diverse in many ways – in cultural, religious plurality, economic, political, and social aspects. Some countries are stuck in the struggle for economic survival; others are moving beyond their former economic “tiger” identities. The continuing reality of poverty breeds many issues of unpeace. Some groups of people put forward their interests at the expense of other groups using religion and culture. Stereotyping is not unusual for some people to justify discrimination in the forms of racism, ethnocentrism, classism, casteism, patriarchy, ageism, ableism, homophobia, and more forms of marginalization and “othering.” As cases of violation of Earth-rights and climate justice intensify, cases of human rights violations also escalate. The discourse on and efforts for peace must take account of all these and more. Justice paves the way for peace.

What is the School of Peace (SoP)?

The School of Peace is a program of the Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF), which is a project of Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs (APAY). ICF seeks to contribute to the creation of peaceable interfaith communities in Asia by nurturing peaceable values and capacity for conflict transformation and peacebuilding skills.

SoP 2023 will run for 50 days in person, reduced from the previous 60 days due to the rising cost of accommodation, not to mention the transportation cost. The 10 days will be compensated digitally via zoom and self-learning sessions in an online classroom before and after the in-person meeting. It seeks to strike a balance between the theoretical and the practical. The streamlined curriculum integrates the social, cultural, interreligious, and conflicts brought about by economic, social, political, and religious-cultural factors. It is one avenue where young people from different faith traditions are equipped with the basic knowledge, principles, and skills to develop a strong network of the peace movement in their respective contexts.

Expected Participants and Venue of SoP 2023

SoP seeks to reach out to 15-20 young people, around 20-35 of age, coming from different religious or faith traditions and nationalities. Gender balance is also a consideration in the selection of applicants.

SoP 2023 will be held in Bhaktapur, Nepal in cooperation with Nepal ICF Alumni, most of whom happen to be part of Nepal Unites.

What are the requirements for one to be a School of Peace participant?

– Basic interest to work and build peace in communities;

– Nominated by any of the following:

-> Local or National YMCA,

->Alumni of ICF School of Peace

->Peace Network, and/or

->Church organizations;

-Preferably, but not necessarily, those who have gone through ICF workshops (locally and virtual);

-Proficiency in English language, willing to learn and take on reading assignments, make presentations, and other tasks related to the subjects taken up during the SoP period;

-Prepared to stay for 50 days and participate actively in the SoP program during the in-person meeting as well as digitally;

-Willingness to prepare a short doable peace education module or a plan of action for implementation with the sending organization;

-Pay the registration fee of USD 100; and

-Openness to abide by and observe the house guidelines.

What expenses does ICF cover?

  1. ICF covers the cost of the accommodation, meals, visa fees, resource persons’ honoraria, and the cheapest cost of international airfare, where necessary.
  2. ICF will reimburse the visa fee for the first month (usually, visa applicants are given only 30 days), and the rates vary according to nationalities.

The applicants must, however, provide for their personal allowances, toiletries, and other personal needs during the period of 50 days. They, along with their respective sponsors, are encouraged to seek ways to provide for their domestic travel.

ICF Application Forms for SoP

There are two forms to be submitted back to ICF along with the applicant’s scanned passport (passport must be valid for 6 months)

  • Application Form here. The nominee should fill out the form carefully and legibly. The Essay Questions can be found here please upload them to the application form before submitting.
  • Sponsorship Form here to be filled out by the Sending Organization or Sponsors (YMCA, Peace Network/Religious Group). ICF encourages the sending organization to raise some support for the nominated participant by covering at least the cost of domestic travel, allowances, and part of visa processing (USD 100).

Deadline of the Application

The application form must be submitted soonest, on or before November 18, 2022This will allow ICF to process the applications and give time to Nepal Unites to send the Invitation Letters to the accepted participants soonest for your visa processing. Please submit to ICF both the Application Form and Nominating Form and include all the necessary attachments to the application form before submitting.