Message from Mohammad Ayatulla Rahaman

Mohammad Ayatulla Rahaman

Mohammad Ayatulla Rahaman
National Director
Nepal Unites

Mr. Rahaman is one of the Global Unites Fellows member-4th Cohorts in 2018 and began the Global Unites movement in Nepal as Nepal Unites.

He has been engaged in Nepal Red Cross Society from a young age. He has had 14 years experience of leadership, as facilitator and mobilizer. He facilitates as a master Trainer of Trainers on Youth Peer Education and on the issues of gender, women discrimination, peace, and responsible citizenship. He has the good experiences in the national and international programs with the youth. He likes to work with the youth.

As to his formal college degree, he has completed the Bachelor degree majoring subject English Literature in the education faculty of Tribhuvan University. Now he is pursuing a Master’s degree in Sociology. He has also worked as a journalist in the national newspaper, and online digital media here in Nepal. He likes to work and integrate with people in the community, listen to their voices and realize his advocacy for them. He wants to write and make their story known to the public. He also writes the articles on local and social issues.

He likes to travel; trekking is his best hobby. He always focuses on self-commitment and self-implement. Always have a smile, for a smile brings positive vibes. Share a smile with everyone and make people happy.