Saniya Tasnim

Mrs. Tasnim is an enthusiastic and passionate young woman who is highly committed to serve Nepal Unites. She enjoys working with the youth from different religions and other backgrounds and always creates a friendly environment for the youth.

Birendra Bahadur Shahi

Mr. Shahi was born in a remote area of Nepal in Kalikot, Karnali Province. He is an energetic youth who always believes that “what you think are the needs for society; just take an action quick.” He is a certified Medical Lab Technician from the Nepal Health Professional Council and likes to serve as a health worker in the community.

Bimala Adhikari

Mrs. Adhikari is an energetic young woman. She enjoys working with the youth and has many years of experience in office administration. She has been an active member of Nepal Unites since its inception and has been serving on the board ever since.

Rajendra Bikram Shahi

Mr. Shahi is an open-minded youth with positive energy. He is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. He has more than 10 years of experience in the print media, online news portal and FM radio as a news reporter and news reader, including more than two years of experience as a news reader for Radio Nepal. He was a major contributor to the establishment of the Nepal Unites movement in Nepal and has been working diligently for the movement since its inception.

Kanchan Kumari Sah

Ms. Shah is an undergraduate student who is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology Science. She feels happy to work closely at the grassroots level with community youth, sharing her knowledge and experiences in the child club and child rights.

Som Bahadur Gurung

Mr. Gurung is from the Buddhist faith and indigenous community. He has positive energy who believes in hard work. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Tribhuvan University and has 10 years of experience in the social development sector. He was one of the delegates to the Second Global Unites Summit in Kenya. He played a major role in establishing the Nepal Unites movement in the country and has been working hard for the movement since its inception.

Jayalaxmi Rawat

Ms. Rawat was born in a remote area of Mugu in Karnali Province in the mid-western region of Nepal. She is a brave young woman with positive energy who believes in hard work. She graduated with an Intermediate PCL level degree as a Medical Lab Technician. She is a diligent woman who believes in teamwork.

Md. Jiyaul Rahaman

Mr. Rahaman is from the Muslim faith and is presently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Sociology from Tribhuvan University. He is an energetic, positive and enthusiastic person born in Kaprichaur, Surkhet, Karnali Province who grew up in the Hindu community. He has experience as a teacher in government schools. He became a lifetime member of the Nepal Red Cross Society at the age of 16. He has engaged in national and international workshops as a youth activist. He always believes in one’s actions, not in words and lectures. He has served Nepal Unites since its inception.